About CRSA

The Catalogue Raisonné Scholars Association was founded in 1994 to serve the interests of scholars and others engaged in the catalogue raisonné process. Our members typically research a single artist’s body of work to establish a reliable list of authentic works, their chronology, and history (usually including provenance, bibliographic, and exhibition histories). Our membership also includes those who are not actively engaged in such a project but who have a keen interest in this type of work such as patrons, collectors, art dealers, attorneys, and software designers.

The organization publishes this digital journal, the CRSA Forum, and maintains a list serve for discussion of relevant issues. As an affiliated society of the College Art Association, the CRSA holds its annual meeting and program at the CAA Annual Conference. In addition, it organizes periodic interim conferences and panels for members on relevant topics in New York.

Issues discussed in the various CRSA forums include both theoretical and practical challenges confronting the catalogue raisonné scholar, such as authenticity and its complexities, primary research methods and the establishment of reliable factual information, adapting traditional cataloguing methods to “new” art media such as photography and unusual contemporary materials, digital and hard copy organization of materials and publication, legal and ethical issues, and funding sources.