The CRSA aims to connect our membership with colleagues in related fields, and we were thrilled to have had many opportunities to do so this past year. This past summer,  the Brooklyn Museum hosted an excellent conversation between CRSA members and the New York Art Resources Consortium (NYARC), whose mission is “to facilitate collaboration that results in enhanced resources to research communities.”  This collaborative initiative links the Frick Art Reference Library and the libraries of the Brooklyn Museum and the Museum of Modern Art.
The changing landscape of research generally and catalogues raisonné specifically has been on the minds of scholars in recent years as evidenced by the many symposia and panels dedicated to online publishing.  NYARC not only plays a vital role in making art research accessible for scholars including those engaged in catalogues raisonnés, but is also on the forefront of new developments in library sciences.  Speakers Lily Pregill, Dr. Stephen Bury, Sumitra Duncan, and Kim Loconto provided insightful discussion of the wide range of NYARC’s projects which include shared collections catalogues, research servicesa new initiative exploring the archiving of digital art-related content, and the development of the next generation of museum librarians. Program chair Deirdre Lawrence and her staff at the Brooklyn Museum were fine hosts and created a convivial environment for conversation during the post-program reception.
We hope this is the first of many dialogues between our organizations.